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Joe Taylor

Founder/CEO – The Taylor Made Brand

My passion for fashion led me to entrepreneurship. In 2011 I started a clothing brand with two of my partners, called Beard nation which buzzed around the city of Detroit, Michigan. The brand was assembled by my two partners and me from having big beards. The brand consisted of a black male with a sharply tapered fade and a nicely sharpened beard. Beard nation brand inspired me to begin the Taylor-made brand “LEGENDARY”.

About Us
About Us 2

The Taylor-Made brand was built to enlighten self-confidence. The brand has been an inspiring self-confidence brand since its establishment in 2017. Beginning from an idea inside my basement, it has not only been a brand for 6 years but a motto that people live by every day. To motivate  and uplift you as an individual every day to be “LEGENDARY.”